Gizmodo Delivers the Hi-Res Goods for 2011 LEGO

Gizmodo ran an article last night that featured tons of big, hi-res images of all the 2011 LEGO playthemes announced to date. This includes Star Wars, Ninjago, Alien Conquest, City, Kingdoms, Pirates of the Caribbean...the list goes on an on. LEGO Harry Potter seems to be the one missing piece.

Becuase the hi-res images are so big, you get great shots of all the minifigures. You can find the article at the Gizmodo website.

A big thanks to the folks at The Brick Blog who pointed me in the right direction.


  1. Those new guns that the, I guess you could call them alien resistance fighters, would make great purist socoms.


  2. Thanks for linking to us!