Days of Future Past: Family Bricks' Sinister Toymaker

Family Bricks was unable to post his entry into last month's UD Minifig Design Batttle, The Sinister Toymaker, due to several factors (one of which being how I stated the deadline). He's been gracious enough, however, to share his entry 'Evil Pinocchio':

"...This evil pinocchio features a custom nose for an angry Pinocchio (for you see, little did he know that when the Blue Fairy turned him into a real boy, she forgot to tell him that if he lied, his nose would continue to grow, and after years of lying, his new appendage was unsightly and angered him. Due to this, he created a remote control figure to drill into Gepettos head, and surgically install a wooden nose with leaves."

A great custom figure, and dig that remote control! There are more photos of this diabolical puppet man, including a group shot depicting Gepetto's fate, on Family Bricks' Flickr stream.

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