Custom Crazy Overview at Brick Blogger

Akunthita has been busy checking out all of the smaller custom houses of late, and recently he made a purchase at Custom Crazy. Akunthita covers all the main points, helping those on the fence answer questions before buying. You can see the full review at The Brick Blogger.

We hope to be getting items from Custom Crazy in the near future for a review. If there are any questions about these items you would like to see covered in the review, please just let me know.


  1. Cygnet, I'm looking forward to your review! In the meantime I'm thinking I will place an other order from Custom Crazy! I like their stuff!...(c:

  2. ^I think a repeat purchase is a pretty powerful endorsement!

  3. Still waiting on mine to get here...I ordered when the silver items became available. It comforts me a bit that you're still waiting as well, then.