Cheetahs and Villians and Hair, Oh My!

Customizer Julian Fong (Levork) is back and he's brought some fantastic customs with him. Continuing his DC Villians theme into wave nine now, I can't stop looking at the custom of Wonder Woman villain Cheetah (must...stop...looking...) All the villains are great and make me hunger for a Brave and Bold line even more now.

Not only did Julian bring the baddies, but he's also started to dabble in the Street Fighter universe as well. All four of these gents are great, although I would have loved to have seen a head band on Ryu and some boots on Zangief (says the guy who couldn't come close to this if he tried).

Julian often surfaces periodically, but let's hope we'll be seeing a stead stream of work from him in the weeks to come. See all of Julian's fantastic customs on his Flickr stream.

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