Battle Lines Customizable Minifig Card Game

Austrailian based Minifig World has just released a really cool, new product - a customizable card game based on minifigs. Battle Lines is a two player card game based on the custom minifigs produced by Minifig World. Each character has a 'power' and 'defense' which are utilized in combination with equipment and weapons cards to do battle.

The more I look at these, the more I like them! Minifig World is the official reseller for BrickArms in Australia and New Zealand, perhaps will can return the favor and offer these through BrickArms to those of us in the US. Don't get me wrong, Minifig World appears to ship worldwide. In fact you can pick up their special Introductory package that includes two starter decks and a custom Noah 'Peeps' Dixon minifigure for $59.95 AUD (around $60 USD), or you can get a starter deck for $35.95 AUD.

There's quite a bit of detail about the game on the Minifig World site, while you're there you can check out the other items Minifig World has to offer.


  1. What a fantastic idea... I need someone to stock this in the UK!

    Well spotted sir.

  2. @Jas - My spies are everywhere...