Amazing Custom Lightsabers by eclipseGRAFX

So are you excited by all of the new LEGO Star Wars minifigures set to debut this Summer? There's a fair number of Jedi and Sith who are ready to do battle, but when it comes to their lightsabers the same old piece can leave you feeling a little 'blah'.

I know I post Victor's (eclipseGRAFX) custom saber hilts every few weeks, but look at his latest batch above. The black sabers at the top are actually dual-sided and detachable, so the new Darth Maul and Savage Opress can have proper weapons.

All of these are made to order and look fantastic. Although not all of the variants above are available yet, you can purchase several types and designs on BrickLink (look under 'Minifig, Weapon').

You can see all of Victor's customs on his Flickr stream. You can also read our 'Inside the Customizer's Studio' interview with Victor here.


  1. Wow! These are amazing. I've always loved Victor's work but these are some of the best sabers I've seen from him (or anyone for that matter) yet.

  2. are they for sale

  3. How much for the jedi sabers and stafs

  4. Unfortunately they aren't for sale anymore. The customizer has a store at http://www.eclipsebricks.com/. You could contact him and see if he would do any commissions.