All Hail the King of Modders

Yeah, I said it! I think this solidifies Pedro's position as one of the best customizers and modders (AKA modifiers of minifig accessories) out there today. Using a collection of TLG, custom house accessories, and Warhammer kit pieces, Pedro adds all the right touches and then paints to fantastic effect. But wait, there's more! Those wings on the warriors back? They move.

As you can see in this pic, Pedro has created a way for the wings to move back and forth!

If you would like to see some of Pedro's other brilliant modifications (opening Iron Man helmet, zip tie visors, and detachable kukri knife on Emile) then head on over to his Flickr stream. If you want to help Pedro fund these fantastic creations, head on over to United Armory (he's the official North American reseller of Hazel Fantasy).

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