LEGO Alien Conquest Brain Suckers

A few weeks back there were confidential photos of the LEGO Alien Conquest sets. In those pics there were shots of a new alien 'brain sucker' that fit over the top of a standard minifigure head. I didn't come across any photos of this in the pics from the Nurnberg International Toy Festival; however, thanks to Peer Kreuger, and his photoshop skills, we have a image that gives you a sense of what to expect.

I've also seen mention of an 'abduction feature' and 'autopsy themes' in play sets. Alien Conquest is shaping up to be the major non-licensed play theme coming this summer!


  1. Quite the violent theme.


  2. I'm actually a little disappointed by the minifigs and sets in this line.... Although i will have to get that Brainsucker!

  3. Well, the sets are nothing special but the alien minifigures and the brain sucker are great!