Series 3 Alert - Target Valentines Day Seasonal Asile

Tervlon gave me a shout to let me know that Target is starting to put out their Valentines Day seasonal items and Series 3 Collectible Minifigures seem to be part of the planogram.

I don't know which specific Target store this corresponds to, but according to Flickr master Tervlon is in Virginia (US). It would also seem that the days of $1.99 Collectible Minifigures in the US are over.

You can see more on Tervlon's Flickr stream.


  1. OMG they have the URE SERIES! :O


  2. I'm gonna miss getting super cheap figs :(

    hopefully Fred Meyer is still oblivious to this whole 2.99 thing and series four will be still cheap

  3. Very cool! I've been patiently waiting for them to show up at Target.

    @Obj_Solid Fred Meyer is also $2.99. When Series 3 first came out in November they were $1.99. I've taken my wrapper there a few times since and it rings up as $2.99.

  4. Confirmed! I found 2 boxes of Series 3 in the Portland Oregon Area at Target! I'll update the map after I go through the loot!

  5. Meijer stores are still 1.99 when they have them. I haven't seen any in Meijer since before Christmas is the only problem.