Rumor: Nine Series 5 Collectible Minifigs Revealed

A confidential picture of nine Series 5 Collectible Minifigures (8805) has surfaced on the Toys N Bricks forums. Although I won't repost the picture here, since the photo has the 'confidential' watermark, I will tell you that the figures appear to be:
  • A boxer with gloves and sparring helmet
  • A clown with a cream pie and blue bowler
  • A guy in a dino suit
  • Buckingham palace guard
  • Cleopatra with snake
  • Gladiator with gladius and helmet
  • Dwarf with battle axe and shield
  • A cavewoman with a bone in her hair
  • A 'Sherlock Holmes' style detective with magnifying glass
Consider these rumors for now. Although we've heard that Series 5 figs are already designed, final designs can always change. We will have to wait and see if any of these figs debut at the London Toy Fair next week!

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  1. Pic posted at Lego 16+ Group at Flickr