Community Minifig Collection US Target Exclusive?

Apples dropped us a line to say that Target is showing a display for the Dacta Community Minifigure Collection, listing it as an exclusive. This may be why the US LEGO Shop at Home store didn't show it for sale, but other countries did. Still unconfirmed at this point, but an intriguing find. Thanks Apples!

That still leaves the Historical/Fairy Tale Minifig Collection up in the air. I was most excited by this one, so hopefully we will hear more about this soon!


  1. My son and I were at the Lego store in San Jose, CA a couple of days ago and I saw one of these behind the counter. It was priced at 49.99 and called an education set or something.

  2. @Kelly - Thanks for the information! The price sounds right and even Target exclusives end up at the bricks and mortar LEGO stores. So it sounds like these may be at LEGO stores with other 2011 sets soon.