Reminder - Paranormal Gunslinger Minifig Design Battle

We've received a fantastic response to this month's Minifigure Design Battle brief - The Paranormal Gunslinger. At last count we nearly had as many entries in just the first two weeks, as we did the entire month in the last round! There's still plenty of time to create and submit your entry.

Speaking of which, entries must be submitted to the UD Minifigure Design Battle Arena group on Flickr before 12:01 am EST February 16th, 2011. Entries submitted after this time will not be considered eligible. Remember to read the ‘Rules and Guidelines’ thread before submitting your entry.

This month’s winning prize is once again sponsored by FireStar Toys, where the victor will receive a gift card to FireStar worth £25 (approximately $40 USD*) which can be used on a wide variety of LEGO brand products, custom minifigures, or custom accessories from companies like BrickArms, BrickForge, Tiny Tactical, Si-Dan Toys, or Amazing Armory Ltd., just to name a few.

Questions about this contest or the rules should be submitted to Cygnet at uglyduck.bricklink@gmail.com . Good luck!

*Exact value in US Dollars is dependent on the currency exchange rates at that time.

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