Quick Hits: Lower Prices, New Minfig Galleries, and Safer Mods

A quick round up of events before calling it another day...

Toys N Bricks is reporting that the prices of LEGO key chains and magnet sets are being lowered in Canada. Key chains are dropping $0.50 to $5.49 CAN, and magnet sets are shedding $4.50 to $15.49. This appears to put these more in line with current US MSRP. You can see the full story at Toys N Bricks.

Huw has placed yet another minfig gallery up at Brickset. Several galleries have already been uploaded, the most recent being the Spider Man figs. When you get a chance, check the all out. A great alternative to BrickLink or Brickpedia when looking for minifig reference photos.

Finally Akunthita has put up a nice tutorial on how to more safely mod a Castle/Kingdoms crown at The Brick Blogger. There are several tips that are handy for any type of similar modification of LEGO or custom parts. Do take a look when you get a chance. Also, take the time to read our customization tutorial disclaimer before performing any alterations.

That's all for now. Good night to all in Minifig Nation...

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