Product Review - Brick Command Wing Sword & Throwing Stars

Today we a have a short review of two items from new custom house Brick Command. Brick Command currently has a small selection of custom minifigure accessories and brick-built models. We will be covering the accessories they currently have for sale - the Wing Sword and Throwing Stars.

The Brick Command Wing Sword is modeled after the Klingon long sword or, bat'leth. The 'sword of honor' was the preferred weapon of Klingon martial artists and resembled a double bladed crescent with four points and three handles.

The Wing Sword accessory measures 6 cm from tip to tip. There are three 'handles' where the minifigure can grip. The distancing of the two outer handles allow the minifig to hold the sword in a double handed grip (as shown above). All connections with the minifigure's hand were firm and there were no concerns or issues with breakage. The wing sword is made of ABS plastic and currently comes in a silver color only.

The Brick Command Throwing Stars resemble the  Japanese shuriken - a hand held weapon often used for slashing, stabbing, or throwing. Shuriken were often made from a variety of common materials and took many shapes.

The Brick Command items have the appearance of a flat four-pointed  star. There is a ball on one of the points that acts as the connection point with the minifigure hand. The ball most easily slips into the top of the hand. Once the connection is established, you can rotate the star in the figures' hand similar to a ball joint. This allows for a wide variety of configurations during play.

Once the item had been placed into the minifigure hand, there were no connection issues. The Thowing Stars are made of ABS plastic and currently come in a gray/gunmetal color only.

Although I cannot claim the original credit for this idea, a nice little play feature is that the tip of the Throwing Stars can balance on the inside of the LEGO issue flowers to resemble a wound. This poor karateka never saw it coming...

Overall these are recommended items with quality construction and great play value. The Throwing Stars are especially timely with the new Ninjago series just being released. Head on over to BrickCommand.net or FireStar Toys to pick yours up today!

Additional Stats - Brick Command Wing Sword
Custom House: Brick Command
Website: www.brickcommand.net
Location: United States
International Shipping?: Yes (see store for details)
Colors Available: Silver
Retail Prices: $1.00 USD

Additional Stats - Brick Command Throwing Stars
Colors Available: Gray/Gunmetal
Retail Prices: $0.50 USD

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