Price Drops at BrickArms

Will Chapman of BrickArms has announced price drops on several items at their store. The items and new prices include the following:

Now $0.25: M6 Rocket, Combat Knife, and Micro SMG

Now $0.50: Combat Shotgun, RPG, and Paintball Marker,

Now $0.75: Sawed-Off Shotgun, Combat PDW, Longslide, M1 Carbine, M1917, M21, Combat LMG, M1A1, Space Magnum, Space Assault, Claymore, and Spy Carbine

Now $1.50: Lewis Gun

With these savings you can take the extra money and buy the Modern Combat Pack V2 or one of their new custom minifigs. Check it all out in the BrickArms store.

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