Savage Opress Sneak Peek on LEGO Star Wars Game

Lucasarts has a new web game for LEGO Star Wars III where you start off as a clone trooper running around different environments. Granted I played for about five minutes before calling it quits, but it seemed that you could unlock different content as you moved through the game.

Flash forward to these screen grabs from 09Webcam. It looks like there's a point where you unlock the upcoming minifigure Savage Opress. Now we can say with relative certainty that this is how he will appear in the game, but he's also scheduled to debut in ABS later this year (along with a revamped version of his brother Darth Maul).

Interesting items of note include the head cap with horns and the pauldrons on the shoulders. A commentator on Flickr correctly noted that the Series 4 Hockey Player had similar body gear. It would appear to be more akin to body armor with flared shoulders than the BrickForge pauldrons. Either way this looks quite nice.

If anyone else finds interesting fig shots via the game, please let us know!

Thanks again to 09Webcam for the screen grabs!

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  1. I think he actually will look like this only in the set. If you unlock him and post to facebook, the picture of him looks quite different, with printed shoulder pads and horns. He looks fancy on the site because they recently made the site but they finished the video game long before the summer sets were announced.