New LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Pack Shots

Toys N Bricks points us to De Grote Speelgoed Winkle where they have temporary pack shots of the LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean line. I say temporary for two reasons 1) these are not likely the final pack designs and elements can change before these sets hit the shelves, and 2) Disney and TLG are likely to ask this site to take these images down. So if you would like to get an early idea of what might be included, head on over now.

The images are quite small but I do see some Islander minifigs standing in for the cannibals and the new bone elements from Ninjago.

Speaking of Ninjago, there are pics of sets up for that series that have not come out yet either. It looks like there may be some skellies that haven't debuted yet, and you will be able to purchase spinners for characters like the DX ninjas, Nya, Sensei Wu, and Garmadon. I'm certain further investigation of the site may yield similar 'gems'.

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