New Items and Pre-Orders at Brick Command

Brick Command has just put up their new minifig gamer stands for sale in black and white. If you've been paying attention, I've started to use these very stands in the Ninjago Minifigure Guide entries. They work great for me and are a nice alternative to the collectible minifigure stands.

Also up for pre-order are chrome shurikens (pictured above and on the right), a Final Fantasy style buster sword, and a pearl gray version of the gamer stand.

You can check out all that Brick Command has to offer at their website. You can also see our review of the Brick Command Wing Sword and Shuriken here.

UPDATE: Brett at Brick Command just let me know that chrome shuriken are half-off ($0.50 USD) if you pre-order. Also the buster swords will be available in black, pearl gray, and gray.

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