New Duo Brings Fantasy Realms to Life

I say 'new' because it appears that this husband and wife team just opened a Flickr account. I'd bet dollars to donuts that they've been active in the community for a while.

Sean and Steph Mayo (otherwise known as Siercon and Coral) have just uploaded a slew of fantastic fantasy themed creations to Flickr in the past day or so. They were found via the Fantasy LEGO group on Flickr.

Amazing creations abound including this praying mantis which combines minifigure and brick-built parts to great effect. Is it a custom fig or some other hybrid? I don't know...but I like it!

Check out the couple's latest on their Flickr stream.


  1. The mantis head comes from the Toy Story set 7599 Garbage Truck Getaway.

  2. @Anak - Twitch, if I'm not mistaken...