New AMA - But Not What You Think

After a long quiet period it would seem that the 'old' Amazing Armory is back with some new items. What do I mean by 'old AMA'? More on that in a minute...

There are three items that have been added to the Amazing Armory BrickLink store - restocked Jin Roh body armor (not pictured), a new Rocketeer helmet, and a Rocketeer jet pack. As you can tell, the Rocketeer items definitely appeal to me.

These items are NOT associated with Hazel Tam's Amazing Armory Ltd. This is the older outfit he used to belong to. It would appear that usage of the Amazing Armory name is still up in the air...

History aside, you can purchase these items at the Amazing Armory 2010 BrickLink store. If you would like to see more pics, go to their Flickr page.


  1. the jin roh armour isn't new, its part of the orginal set - http://www.customminifig.co.uk/hazel-killzone-jin-roh-lego-custom-minifigs/

    they've merely broken it down into different components but the design hasn't changed.

  2. ^Thanks! I'll make the correction...