LEGO Ninjago Minifigures - Nuckal

Nuckal is exclusive to Ninjago sets Spinjitzu Dojo (2504) and Nuckal’s ATV (2518).

Minifigure Parts and Accessories
Nuckal is composed of seven parts - head, torso, armor, two arms, and two legs. Every single part of this minifig is new!

The head is a new white mold with five tan spikes protruding the top. The head features an eye patch and this minifig even has a nose (or a would be nose if skeleton's had noses). On the left side of the head there's a printed crack in the skull (not pictured).

The torso is new featuring angled ribs and connections for the arms and legs. There's also a spine that juts out in back that allows standard LEGO body wear to fit the figure. This was not a feature on previous skeleton torsos. There are black holes on the minifigs "collar bone" and on the hips, which are attached to the torso, there is a blue printed loin cloth.

The armor is a new part in black. There's a metal print on the front which resembles armor plating with a red skull symbol at the bottom. There are also three blue spikes along each side of the top of the armor near the arms. This armor will fit a normal minifig.

The arms are a new part. They have clips on either end to attach to the torso and to allow the figure to hold a weapon securely. The clips are at a 90 degree twist to one another. This type of bent arm design has not been featured on skeleton figures previously.

The legs are also a new part. Although they clip onto the torso in a similar fashion as past skeleton figs, there are 'boots' at the bottom resembling a standard minifigure 'foot'. This was likely done to allow the figure to fit into the Ninjago spinner. This will be great for heavily armored deceased custom minifigs.

Army Building Potential
The ABP for this figure is moderate to high. Armies of skeleton warriors are always a good enemy for almost any genre and with all these new parts it would be a great add to any LEGO collection.

The Big Draw
All of the new parts on this minifig with additional play features over previous skeleton figures. The torsos accommodate standard LEGO body gear, which opens the door for lots of custom options.

Written by Leper


  1. You should add the picture and the stats of Nuckal, so people know about it.

  2. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Nuckal is epic but why dont they give him a shoulderpiece like Kruncha and Whyplash? i mean he is higher rank than whyplash so why does he have big shoulderpiece and Nuckal have small?

  4. Becuase Nuckal is a Not-So-Bright caracter in the movie

  5. I am the poster above, and I want to thank you for posting these pics.
    I am making 3D versions of these caracters just for fun.