LEGO Ninjago Minifigures - Kai DX

Kai DX is exclusive to Ninjago set Nuckal's ATV (2518). The regular versions of the ninjas are covered separately.

Minifigure Parts and Accessories
Kai is composed of four parts - head wrap, head, torso, and legs.

The head wrap is a red variant of part x54 which was last seen on the Series 1 Ninja. There is a clip on the back of the wrap to hold weapons or other items. This part was last available in this color with the Vintage Minifigure Collection Vol 2.

The head is yellow with a new, intimidating print featuring scars over the left eye. The head does not feature dual-sided print. This is the exact same print that appears on the regular (non DX) version of Kai.

The torso and arms are red with black hands. The torso features a new ninja gi print. There is a gold print dragon on the front breathing fire. On the back of the torso there is a fire/lion symbol with Kai's name spelled out along the bottom.

The hips and legs are red with a belt print which starts on the hips and extends down to the legs. The tail of the dragon from the torso also extends down to the legs.

Army Building Potential
The ABP for this figure is moderate to high. Armies of ninja warriors are always a good idea.

The Big Draw
The new head and torso prints are the likely draws here, given that red ninjas have been available in the past couple of years.

Bold and reckless Ninja of Fire, Kai has a personal stake in the fight against the skeleton legions: they have kidnapped his sister Nya. Impatient and hotheaded, his is always ready to rush into battle. He has much to learn about working in a team, but if he learns it, he may one day be the most powerful ninja of all. 


  1. @live - The regular Kai can be found in Garmadon's Dark Fortress (2505), Ninja Ambush (2258) and the Kai Spinner Set (2111).


  3. what does DX stand for

  4. ^I've never heard this definitively, but I assume it means 'Dragon (e)Xtreme'.

  5. kai is the coolest character in ninjago! and his friends too my favorite is the dragons!

  6. DX stands for Dragon Warrier so it shood Be DW. But it Does not sound good. Kai DW, Jay DW, Cole DW, Zane DW. Thats why it is DX because it sounds cooler. Kai DX, Jay DX, Cole DX, Zane DX.

  7. Does anybody have the barcode for Kai DX?

  8. Kai is friggin epic, I want him so badly.

  9. Man i have all the DX Ninjas, infact this is my display i have:
    From left to right
    Earth Dragon, Lightning Dragon, Ice Dragon, Fire Dragon
    Under then i have, in groups:
    G1:Cole, Cole DX, Chopov, Kruncha.
    G2:Jay, Jay DX, Krazi, Nuckal.
    G3:Wyplash, Bonezai, Zane, Zane DX,
    G4:Kai, Kai DX,and Frakjaw
    And also Garmadon Samukai and Wu.
    Underneath all the dragons theres a stand with that element's golden weapon.

  10. polish. fajny kai on jejt twój