LEGO Ninjago - Buy 2 Get One Free Today Only!

Toys R Us (US) is having an online sale with LEGO where you can buy two sets and get one free. It has been reported on other sites the deal is available in-stores as well, but I can say after returning from my local store today that it isn't so. These deals are good on all sets except LEGO Star Wars and Pharaoh's Quest.

BOGO deals are always maximized when you order sets of the same value. A great way to do this would be to order three LEGO Ninjago spinners ($9.99 USD). 

There are other offers as well listed on the Toys R Us site, but I don't know if they 'stack' (i.e. you may have to pick one offer over another instead of getting all at once). The additional offers include free shipping on orders over $100 USD, and a free LEGO Star Wars backpack on LEGO purchases over $30 USD. TRU also shows a Ninjago card holder and special battle card as a promo, but details are not available on how to receive this. Check your order before finalizing to make certain you are getting all the offers you want.

This sale only lasts today, so hurry over to Toys R Us!

UPDATE: So it seems that information remains mixed on this sale. Despite me going to my local Toys R Us, where no signs were up about this deal, and the manager at the customer service desk said the deal was not today, it seems that others received the discount at the register. TRU ended up losing a sale today because of this snafu. Hopefully, others were luckier with better informed sales staff.

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