Huge FireStar Toys Sale and More

UK based FireStar Toys is currently having a huge sale on hundreds of items on their site. They need to make way for all the fantastic LEGO products and customs slated for 2011, including the Brick Command items we just reviewed!

What's more, since FireStar Toys buys from all the great custom houses around the world, like Amazing Armory Ltd., Si-Dan, BrickArms, Tiny Tactical, and now BrickForge, you can mix and match accessories and not worry about separate shipping and handling fees. Case in point...

You really like the Brick Command Wing Sword but worry how a Bat'leth would fare in a firefight. No worries, just pick up Federation issue phasers from either BrickArms or BrickForge too!

Do you want to expand your Spinjitsu master's arsenal? In addition to the Brick Command stars you could also pick up the BrickForge Sai or any of the Si-Dan Ninja accessories.

As one of my personal heroes, Ron Popeil, is often fond of saying, "but wait, there's more".  Now through the end of January you can use coupon/voucher code 'KV882256' to get an additional 10% off your order at checkout.

So hurry on down to FireStar Toys today. Offers are limited (not really), and operators are standing by (sort of)...

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