Garmadon's Dark Fortress On Sale at Amazon (US)

Don't ask me why but LEGO Ninjago set 2505, Garmadon's Dark Fortress, is on sale at Amazon for $50 USD. This is almost $20 under MSRP! You get three 'rare' minifigures in Nya, Garmadon, and Samukai, plus you get Kai, Bonzai, and Chopov. Eligible for free Super Saver shipping too.

Amazon can be fickle, so if you want to take advantage of this deal (almost 30% off) I suggest you act quickly.  You can find the link here.

UPDATE: Remember how I said act fast? It seems that Amazon has already moved to raise the price. It's still showing a 10% discount, however. Hopefully, someone was able to take advantage of this 'flash' sale.


  1. I'm getting it at 63 USD :/. I guess they already changed it.

  2. @Apples - Yup, they done changed it. It's too bad I got mine at the lower price...Mwuwahahahaha.

  3. @Cygnet; Oh you, so tricksy.