First UD Minifig Design Battle to End Soon

Hear ye, hear ye, citizens of the Minifig Nation. You have approximately one week to enter your final entries for the first UD Minifig Design Battle - The Sinister Toymaker. All entries must be submitted to the UD Minifig Design Battle Arena on Flickr before 12:01 am EST January 16th, 2011 (roughly one week). Entries submitted after this time will not be considered eligible. No exceptions. We did give you a month after all...

This month’s winning prize is sponsored by FireStar Toys, where the victor will receive a gift card to FireStar worth £25 (approximately $40 USD**) which can be used on a wide variety of LEGO brand products, custom minifigures, or custom accessories from companies like BrickArms, Tiny Tactical, Si-Dan Toys, or Amazing Armory Ltd., to name a few. You can start planning on how to spend your winnings by visiting FireStar Toys today.

The emperor has been holding court to determine what his minifig design challenge will be. The next design brief will then be announced on the morning of January 16th.

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