The Duck is Now a Toys R Us Canada Affiliate

File this under the category of 'better late than never'...The site is now an affiliate with Toys R Us Canada! You will see the new banner in the 'sponsored links' section of the sidebar now.

Canadian readers are our third largest contingent here on the site. So to our fans north of the border, we ask that if you place an order via ToysRUs.ca you click through our site first. This provides us with a small commission on finalized sales, which can be used to help 'The Duck' grow.

I'm still awaiting news on the US Toys R Us affiliateship. Hopefully we'll have some news in the very near future.

I have also added a fix for the LEGO banner for our friends in Canada and the UK. You will notice three country flags below the banner. Please click these to reach your countries specific LEGO site. If you click on the main banner, it will only work for US customers. I'm working with LEGO to find a more elegant solution; however, this should work for now. If you have some time, please click on your country's flag to make certain you are taken to the correct country site. Please let me know if you encounter any issues.

Finally, I want to extend my deepest thanks to everyone who 'clicked here first' before making a purchase with our affiliate partners. The commissions from your sales are greatly appreciated!

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