Do Not Adjust Your Computer Screens...

Another great find from the past month or so has been The Knight (KJ). Not only is he prolific, coming out with new custom designs every few days, he is bold and inventive with his use of color.

Case in point...we've all see the Hazel Tam Deep Eyes accessories many times before. KJ's paints take it in a whole new direction and really make it feel refreshing. Based on the designs of samurai armor, these colors pop off the screen without overloading the senses.

There's lots  more to see on The Knight's Flickr stream, so much in fact I don't always get to post them all..but I do 'favorite' them daily. With 20 or more new creations added to My Flickr Favorites daily, you'll always have a reason to come back. Just visit the page (there's a tab at the top) click play on the viewer and enjoy!

Do you like the Deep Eyes armor and headgear? You pick some up from United Armory (US/Canada) today! 

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