Armothe and Shmails Present: CustomMinifigs.com

Remember back to BrickFair 2010 when Omicron mentioned that Shmails and Armothe were teaming up to release a series of custom minifigures? Well it seems that day has arrived.

CustomMinifigs.com is the new site for this venture. Although still affiliated with BrickForge it will be a separate entity. The connection to BF is evident with many of their accessories being featured. What's different is Shmail's great decals to kick things up a notch.

There are also three levels of products to be available - Collectible Series, Limited Edition, and Commemorative Sets. The Collectible Series has quite a bit of variety and is more affordable priced than the Limited Edition figs. The Limited Edition figs, for now, include Knights of the Round Table, Arthur, Robin, and Launcelot. There are no Commemorative Sets listed as of this post.

Still early days and lots of questions, but it's safe to say this should be a fantastic new venture.

Head on over to CustomMinifigs.com today!

UPDATE: I just read on the official announcement via Flickr, that some of these figures will feature retired or prototype BrickForge accessories and/or current accessories in hard to find colors. Just another reason to check out the new operation! Since the figure selection may change every few weeks, you can follow all CustomMinifigs has to offer on their new Flickr stream.

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