Brickmania's Urban Assault Vehicle

Dan Siskind of Brickmania has released pics of the EM-51 Urban Assault Vehicle which will soon have instructions available on Brickmania.com. You'll need to buy a subscription to the Instructions Club, but you get access to all past instructions and all the new ones that appear throughout the year. A subscription retails for about $45 USD for a full year, but there's tiered pricing based on how long you buy in for.

If your a fan of LEGO WWII and modern warfare vehicles, they check out all that Brickmania has to offer today!


  1. You have to pay for access to a slightly modified version of the official camper set...?


  2. I agree, if the picture is indeed what is being sold, then this is ridiculous. Clip a couple BA guns to standard TLC and claim it's yours?

  3. Did this take you a long time/