Ask the Duck: LEGO Ninjago Armor Compatability

Roughly a week or so ago, Akunthita of The Brick Blogger wrote to ask me if the Ninjago skeleton armor was compatable with regular minifigures. Although minifigure versions of the Mythbusters were unavailable for this post, I asked Kai to take a break from his Spinjitzu training to help us answer this question...

As you can see from the 360 shot above* the armor does indeed work with regular minifigures. The Ninjago skeleton torsos also accommodate most minifigure body gear as well, due to the design of the spinal ridge**.

So there you have it Akunthita, hopefully this was helpful!

I am more than happy to answer any minifigure related questions you might have. I may not always have the answer, and I can't entertain all questions, but I'll do my best. If you have a question you can contact me a uglyduck.bricklink@gmail.com.

*Yes, I know it's a 270 degree shot. Just flip the side pic in your mind if it helps you sleep...
**Yes, it would have been helpful to have a second pic showing normal body gear on a Ninjago skeleton...(sigh)


  1. I have to say... that the red skull on the armor matches up nicely with the rope thingies on the torso.


  2. Thanks, much! Exactly what I wanted to see! (c: