Announcing Leper, Keeper of the Scrolls

Hear ye, hear ye, citizens of Minifig Nation. I am please to announce that we have a new contributing member here at the Command Center.

Leper has been raised to 'Keeper of the Scrolls' and is assisting me in keeping the minifigure guides up to date. I currently have him locked up...I mean...diligently working in the archives to find any areas that need updates or fixing. We have already made significant progress against the Collectible Minifigure guides and will be moving through the others over time. Leper will also be helping me with some new guide entries, very soon.

So join me in welcoming Leper in his new role. Leper also has a presence on Flickr, where you can drop him a line.

My thanks to everyone who offered to help with the site!

Minister of Information
Ugly Duck Command Center
Minifig Nation

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for the warm welcome Cygnet! I'm happy to be here and will be working diligently in my dungeon.. erm... I mean.. office to get some new guides done and the rest updated.