Announcing the LEGO Master Builder Academy

Credit for this find goes to W.Manidi who discovered this announcement on LEGO.com with the LEGO Club code 'LEGOMBA'. Here are the details as listed on the resulting page:

ATTENTION ALL LEGO® BUILDERS! In 2011, the LEGO Club is launching an all-new program dedicated to making YOU an even better LEGO builder than ever before!

By joining the LEGO Master Builder Academy (MBA for short), you’ll be able to find out the secret tips and building techniques of the real LEGO Master Builders who create the official LEGO sets and super-models.

LEGO MBA members will receive special designer handbooks in the mail that include behind-the-scenes information and inspiration straight from the Master Builders, all-new model building instructions, and (of course!) the bricks you’ll need to build them. Each kit and handbook spotlight a fan-favorite LEGO building theme, including spaceships, robots, cars, planes, creatures and more!

The LEGO Master Builders will show you how to go beyond the instructions in designing and building your own original LEGO creations. You’ll also be able to improve your building skills and creativity as you advance through skill levels on the all-new LEGO Master Builder Academy website.

And did we mention the exclusive collectible LEGO MBA Minifigures, color-coded to your latest building level and complete with buildable accessories for each themed handbook?

The LEGO Master Builder Academy is launching in 2011. Look for more information coming soon in the March-April issue of LEGO Club Magazine!

This seems much more appealing to me than the Brickmaster program which is being phased out. I'll have to see further details, including cost, before making a final decision, however. 

Kudos to you TLG for creating this program and helping fans become better builders!

UPDATE: It looks like this 'announcement' may have surfaced back in November. It was news to me, however, so hopefully it's news to you too!

A little investigation suggests that the price for 6 sets, design books, and exclusive minifigures might be in the neighborhood of $100 USD. Again, this was back in November so it could have still been in the concept stages at that point. It looks like we will have to wait until March-April 2011 for more details.


  1. Wow! Thanks for crediting me! And thanks for running such a great blog. This has been around for abit. But this poster was just put out.


  2. I just hope that it is available in Canada at launch. Canada never even saw the brickmaster program. And after all, Canada did start the very first LEGO club, according to DK's "The LEGO Book."