Amazon US Now Has 2011 LEGO Sets

With all of the new releases at different outlets recently, I couldn't remember if this was new news or not. If I am reposting, just consider this a reminder...

Many of the new 2011 LEGO sets are now available at Amazon.com (US) including Ninjago, LEGO Star Wars, and Atlantis. What is noteworthy here is that shipping is free on orders over $25 USD.

So if you don't live near other brick and mortar outlets who have the new sets, or you want to place a smallish order and still save on shipping, it looks like Amazon has you covered.

See it all at the 'new LEGO' page on Amazon (note that Ninjago has it's own separate page and link).


  1. No "City of Atlantis" set yet... I can't wait for that cool set!

  2. ^The only place I've seen it available is the UK LEGO Shop at Home site...