Amazing Decal Designs from ObliviumJr

To my friends who reside on Brickshelf, my apologies. I was never able to find a good way to navigate that interface to find new custom designs and creations. Thankfully, I have others who point out the real gems along the way.

The decals above are for Assassin's Creed and where designed by Brickshelf member ObliviumJr. Just enough detail to feel LEGOy (LEGOish?), but overdone. This is some of the best decal design work I've seen!

This isn't a one shot deal. ObliviumJr has tons of great designs across a variety of genres, all of which can be seen on his Brickshelf account. My only request is that ObliviumJr open a Flickr account in the near future so I  can better keep tabs (sorry Brickshelf)...

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