LEGO Ninjago Minifigures - Zane DX

Zane DX is exclusive to Ninjago set Ice Dragon Attack (2260). The regular versions of the ninjas are covered separately.

Minifigure Parts and Accessories
Zane DX is composed of four parts, a white head wrap, head, torso, and legs.

The head wrap is a white variant of part x54 which was last seen in this color in the Vintage Minifigure Collection Vol. 5 (852769). There is a clip on the back of the wrap to hold weapons or other items.

The head is a new pattern with a stern look.

The torso features a new ninja gi print. There is a gold print dragon on the front breathing ice. On the back of the torso there is a spiky lion symbol with Zane's name spelled out along the bottom.

The hips and legs are white with a belt print which starts on the hips and extends down to the legs. The tail of the dragon from the torso also extends down to the legs.

Army Building Potential
The ABP for this figure is moderate to high. Ninjas need very little customization to fit into any Japanese clan. With the new torso print it could also easily be a leader or some other different type of rank ninja.

The Big Draw
It's a ninja! There really aren't any new parts here but ninjas are always sought after and a new one is always ready to join the party. The dragon print is also likely to be a sought after variant.

Cold and brilliant Ninja of Ice, Zane has remarkable endurance as well as resistance to cold. Although he is a valued member of the team, his lack of a sense of humor and strange manner sometimes makes the other ninja unsure of him. But in a fight, he is as brave as they come and has saved the day more than once.

Written by Leper

Let the Wookie Win

Jamie Baker summons a little digital wizardry to recreate the dejarik chess match from Star Wars. I hate to state the obvious, but using other LEGO figs to represent the game board is fantastic.

See more of Jamie's work on his Flickr stream.

Ask the Duck: LEGO Ninjago Armor Compatability

Roughly a week or so ago, Akunthita of The Brick Blogger wrote to ask me if the Ninjago skeleton armor was compatable with regular minifigures. Although minifigure versions of the Mythbusters were unavailable for this post, I asked Kai to take a break from his Spinjitzu training to help us answer this question...

As you can see from the 360 shot above* the armor does indeed work with regular minifigures. The Ninjago skeleton torsos also accommodate most minifigure body gear as well, due to the design of the spinal ridge**.

So there you have it Akunthita, hopefully this was helpful!

I am more than happy to answer any minifigure related questions you might have. I may not always have the answer, and I can't entertain all questions, but I'll do my best. If you have a question you can contact me a uglyduck.bricklink@gmail.com.

*Yes, I know it's a 270 degree shot. Just flip the side pic in your mind if it helps you sleep...
**Yes, it would have been helpful to have a second pic showing normal body gear on a Ninjago skeleton...(sigh)

Just Say No to Prawns

No, I'm not talking about seafood, I'm talking about the name given to the aliens in the film District 9. Shobrick has created two soldiers of the MNU (or Multi-Nation United) force. Lot's of details in each figure. 

You can also see that Sho found a 'work around' for a bald minifigure head - a blue tac cover where the color was digitally changed.

He'd love to do a huge District 9 diorama, and I think we would all love to see it!

You can see all the details and more on Shobrick's Flickr stream.

Interview with The Knight on CustomMinifig

There's a nice interview with KJ (The Knight) on CustomMinifig today. KJ talks about many of his inspirations and views on the custom minifigure community.

If you would like to better understand the man behind the customs, take some time and give it a read.

You can find it on customminifig.co.uk.

The Green Haired Assassin

Ka.lego's custom minifigure, 'The Green Haired Assassin', just jumped off the screen at me this morning. Fantastic parts combinations and nice presentation rarely go unnoticed. Add a great action pose, and I'm hooked.

I've really been looking for some great minifig customs with an anime style and flair. Exo-Force was one of the first play themes I purchased when I left my dark ages (yes, I will admit it). If you happen to come across some great anime inspired customs, please let me know!

Enough about me...you can see more of ka.lego's creations on their Flickr stream.

Dead Space Rising

I've started to see creations based on the recently released video game Dead Space 2.

The first comes to us from Mark (Legoagogo), who adds his signature lighting style to a cramped corridor environment.

The second creation come to us from Swoosh! Here we have custom renditions of both Isaac and a necromorph. So far it seems that the Kingdoms great helm is a popular stand in for the helmet design.

There's also a rumor that Hazel Fantasy may be considering a custom version of Isaac's armor. If that makes it to ABS, I'll be sure to let everyone know.

To see more from these fantastic creators, visit Legoagogo and Swoosh! on Flickr.

Bring Out Your Dead...

This scene from chaosfish1 made me laugh. It seems having a common last name can even cause confusion in the afterlife (as in 'The Mr. Johnson you want is down the hall').

Great use of the Series 3 Mummy arm as a cast. I've seen this part used to great effect in recent weeks.

Read the full story for this shot on chaosfish1's Flickr stream.

Minifigure Review - Police Minifigure Collection

Starting this year we will be showcasing minifigures in a one off fashion - we will review them separately from a larger overall play theme. They will be cataloged in a 'miscellaneous' section of the minifigure guides. This will be the first of those reviews focusing on the minifigures and elements of LEGO City set 7279, Police Minifigure Collection.

The overall set contains 57 pieces in total including four minifigures, a minifig scale dog, and several unique elements. We will start with the two police minifigures.

The first police figure contains elements that have appeared with many minifigures in the past, including the helmet, head and legs. The torso, however, features new print on both the front and back. The back of the torso has the word 'POLICE', a nice feature for creating SWAT teams or adding diversity to your tactical police force. I've already seen a few people switching the arms around on this torso to have the 'POLICE' on the front of the fig.

The second police figure is similar in that many of the individual parts have appeared with previous figs. The white cap with the short brim style is a relatively new color for this part, first appearing in sets in 2010.

Although not a minifigure, there is a third member of this miniature police force - a german shepard. A new dog mold with a nice facial print, this hound has a footprint (literally) of 2x3 studs. Similar to other dogs of the past, it has a single, open stud  on the back. The head is also stationary and does not move.

Now that we've covered the 'cops' lets turn our eye to the 'robbers'. The first thief is similar to the police in that most of the elements (hat, head, and legs) have been readily available in other sets of the past. The torso does feature a new print. resembling a light blueish gray jacket over a striped prison shirt. On the back of the torso, the jacket has a cinch.

The second thief does not have any new or unique parts, as all the items have been available in other sets before. Now that we've covered the minifigures, we can turn our attention to several unique elements.

There are four key elements we will discuss, the backpack/bag, crowbar, flashlight, and handcuffs. Although I originally thought the flashlight was a new element, it was just a black light saber handle with a trans yellow round plate. The hand cuffs are made of the newer, rubbery material (2008) but they have been widely available since that time.

The crowbar is a brand new element to the 2011 City Police sets. The crowbar comes in red and measures 3.1 cm or approximately 4L in length. Both ends are tapered, with one of the ends being curved. Prior to this part, the only way to get a minifig compatible crowbar was through custom house BrickForge.

The back pack or bag is also a brand new element this year. Attaching on the minifig via the head post, this back pack has an open cavity that allows you to place items inside. As shown here you can fit two 1x2 tiles or similar sized objects inside (like the two $100 bills that come with the set). There's a connection hole on the bottom of the bag as seen above. The bag is only available in dark tan to date.

The remaining parts in the set go towards building an ATM unit and police ATV, both pictured above. Given that this is primarily a minifigure blog, we won't go into too much detail here. We will just share the final, constructed models.

All in all, this is a nice small set providing some unique elements not previously available. The double sided police and criminal torsos, the new dog, as well as the back pack and crowbar elements are the real draws here.

This set's MSRP is $9.99 and should be widely available at retailers who carry LEGO brand products world wide. You can also pick this item up at LEGO Shop at Home (US | Canada | UK) today!


Quick Hits: Lower Prices, New Minfig Galleries, and Safer Mods

A quick round up of events before calling it another day...

Toys N Bricks is reporting that the prices of LEGO key chains and magnet sets are being lowered in Canada. Key chains are dropping $0.50 to $5.49 CAN, and magnet sets are shedding $4.50 to $15.49. This appears to put these more in line with current US MSRP. You can see the full story at Toys N Bricks.

Huw has placed yet another minfig gallery up at Brickset. Several galleries have already been uploaded, the most recent being the Spider Man figs. When you get a chance, check the all out. A great alternative to BrickLink or Brickpedia when looking for minifig reference photos.

Finally Akunthita has put up a nice tutorial on how to more safely mod a Castle/Kingdoms crown at The Brick Blogger. There are several tips that are handy for any type of similar modification of LEGO or custom parts. Do take a look when you get a chance. Also, take the time to read our customization tutorial disclaimer before performing any alterations.

That's all for now. Good night to all in Minifig Nation...

Minister of Information
Ugly Duck Command Center
Minifig Nation

UD at BrickLink Now on Twitter

I debated for a long time if the site should have a presence on Twitter. I decided that there were items of note that would come up throughout the day that might warrant a little 'blurb', but not a full posting. I will also notify when new posts go up on the main site.

I'm new to Twitter so it may take me a little bit of time to get all the 'bugs' out.

If you would like to follow us we are under the user name 'minifignation'. I've also included a viewer in the sidebar. Please let me know if you notice the site taking longer to load than normal or any other issues that may arise.


LEGO Ninjago Minifigures - Frackjaw

Frackjaw is exclusive to two Ninjago sets, Spinjitzu Starter Set (2257) and Turbo Shredder (2263).

Minifigure Parts and Accessories
Conical Hat (Top View)
Frackjaw is composed of seven parts - head, torso, armor, two arms, and two legs. He also comes with one of the new conical asian hats if you buy the Turbo Shredder set.

The head is white with a new skull print and red eyes. There are metal patches on the top part of his skull "patching up" cracks. The head does not feature dual-sided print.

The torso is new featuring angled ribs and connections for the arms and legs. There's also a spine that juts out in back that allows standard LEGO body wear to fit the figure. This was not a feature on previous skeleton torsos. There are black holes on the minifigs 'collar bone' and on the hips, which are attached to the torso, there is a red printed loin cloth.

The armor is a new part in black. There's a metal print on the front which resembles armor plating with a red skull symbol at the bottom. There are also three red spikes along each side of the top of the armor near the arms. This armor will fit a normal minifig.

The arms are a new part. They have clips on either end to attach to the torso and to allow the figure to hold a weapon securely. The clips are at a 90 degree twist to one another. This type of bent arm design has not been featured on skeleton figures previously.

The legs are also a new part. Although they clip onto the torso in a similar fashion as past skeleton figs, there are 'boots' at the bottom resembling a standard minifigure 'foot'. This was likely done to allow the figure to fit into the Ninjago spinner. This will be great for heavily armored deceased custom minifigs.

Army Building Potential
The ABP for this figure is moderate to high. Armies of skeleton warriors are always a good enemy for almost any genre and with all these new parts it would be a great add to any LEGO collection.

The Big Draw
All of the new parts on this minifig with additional play features over previous skeleton figures. The torsos accommodate standard LEGO body gear, which opens the door for lots of custom options.

Card Details
Frackjaw – Skeleton of Fire
"I’m hazardous to your health, so why don’t we play?"

Spinjitzu Power:
Fire SP: 400
Lightning SP: 300
Earth SP: 300
Ice SP: 0

Picture via ToyWiz
Written by Leper

UNSC M-12 Force Application Vehicle

...otherwise known as a 'Warthog' to Halo fans. Andrew (pecovam) continues our morning of minifig assault vehicles with his rendition of this classic. The chassis is Legohaulic's design, the custom weapons are from newcomer HCF Lego 3D Productions, and the Marine Helmets are from Hazel Fantasy. Everything else is pure pecovam.

Pecovam has been showcasing his skills on a variety of new Hazel Fantasy products, which you can see on his Flickr stream.

He also just entered the UD Minifig Battle Arena to throw down the guantlet in this month's challenge - The Paranormal Gunslinger.

One final note...if you search 'Legohaulic warthog' on Flickr you'll find the Warthog instructions, you can't purchase the custom weapons...yet, but you can pick up the Hazel Fantasy Marine Helmets at United Armory (US/CAN).

Kraken Attackin'

I discovered yet another fantastic LEGO/toy photographer, Scrawnysumo. His latest depicts the scurvy dogs from set 6240, Kraken Attackin', in action.

Another great example of how a laptop monitor can be used as an effective backdrop. How do I know? He has another pic on his Flickr stream depicting the set up for this shot.

For fans of Metal Gear, you have to check out the latest member of Foxhound. You'll know it when you see it...

Brickmania's Urban Assault Vehicle

Dan Siskind of Brickmania has released pics of the EM-51 Urban Assault Vehicle which will soon have instructions available on Brickmania.com. You'll need to buy a subscription to the Instructions Club, but you get access to all past instructions and all the new ones that appear throughout the year. A subscription retails for about $45 USD for a full year, but there's tiered pricing based on how long you buy in for.

If your a fan of LEGO WWII and modern warfare vehicles, they check out all that Brickmania has to offer today!


I Find Your Lack of Bananas Disturbing

Chris McVeigh (Powerpig) has another hilarious send up playing on the fact that the Series 3 Gorilla Mask kinda looks like Vader from behind. It's sort of like Gorilla Grodd as a Sith Lord...frightening.

I was looking at Redbubble, where Powerpig has a store, and there are some outstanding minifg themed t-shirts for sale - including several best sellers from Chris. Do take a look at his Redbubble store and check out all the cool LEGO minifig t-shirts on sale now.

As for the rest of Chris' pics, you find those (for free) on his Flickr stream.

Savage Opress Sneak Peek on LEGO Star Wars Game

Lucasarts has a new web game for LEGO Star Wars III where you start off as a clone trooper running around different environments. Granted I played for about five minutes before calling it quits, but it seemed that you could unlock different content as you moved through the game.

Flash forward to these screen grabs from 09Webcam. It looks like there's a point where you unlock the upcoming minifigure Savage Opress. Now we can say with relative certainty that this is how he will appear in the game, but he's also scheduled to debut in ABS later this year (along with a revamped version of his brother Darth Maul).

Interesting items of note include the head cap with horns and the pauldrons on the shoulders. A commentator on Flickr correctly noted that the Series 4 Hockey Player had similar body gear. It would appear to be more akin to body armor with flared shoulders than the BrickForge pauldrons. Either way this looks quite nice.

If anyone else finds interesting fig shots via the game, please let us know!

Thanks again to 09Webcam for the screen grabs!


...as in Victor Von. Justin (Tin_7) continues with his Marvel cinematic custom minifigs. I saw the whole minifig while perusing Flickr and had to get a closer look at that head.

Absolutely amazing Justin! I really like how the decal looks like a regular minifig looking from behind that fearsome mask. I can see the ABS Fantastic Four (or is it three now?...alas poor Johnny we knew you well) quaking in their collective white boots when faced with this king of Latveria.

You can see all the latest including Bullseye, Sabastain Shaw, Emma Frost, and the Red Skull on Justin's Flickr stream.

Reminder - Paranormal Gunslinger Minifig Design Battle

We've received a fantastic response to this month's Minifigure Design Battle brief - The Paranormal Gunslinger. At last count we nearly had as many entries in just the first two weeks, as we did the entire month in the last round! There's still plenty of time to create and submit your entry.

Speaking of which, entries must be submitted to the UD Minifigure Design Battle Arena group on Flickr before 12:01 am EST February 16th, 2011. Entries submitted after this time will not be considered eligible. Remember to read the ‘Rules and Guidelines’ thread before submitting your entry.

This month’s winning prize is once again sponsored by FireStar Toys, where the victor will receive a gift card to FireStar worth £25 (approximately $40 USD*) which can be used on a wide variety of LEGO brand products, custom minifigures, or custom accessories from companies like BrickArms, BrickForge, Tiny Tactical, Si-Dan Toys, or Amazing Armory Ltd., just to name a few.

Questions about this contest or the rules should be submitted to Cygnet at uglyduck.bricklink@gmail.com . Good luck!

*Exact value in US Dollars is dependent on the currency exchange rates at that time.

Series 3 Collectible Minifigures in Canada

Toys N Bricks is reporting that Series 3 Collectible Minifigures are now available in Canadian Chapters stores and online for $2.95 CAN. Online orders above $25 CAN will qualify for free shipping.

MasterMindToys.com also has Series 3 at $2.99 CAN, plus they are running a buy 3 get one 1 promotion on Series 2 Minifigs.

You can see the full story at Toys N Bricks.

Finally, a quick look at our Series 3 Rollout Map would suggest that Kaboodles and Wal-Mart in Victoria, BC and another Wal-Mart in Vancouver have had sightings.

Catsy's Stargate Tactical Vest and Tutorial

Brandon (Catsy) continues to impress, this time due to his inventiveness with a craft knife. Pictured above is Brandon's custom minifigure of 'Samantha Carter' from Stargate SG-1. Samantha is sporting an Omega tactical vest that Brandon created using ribbon and black foam. I think it has a nice feel and adds an extra dimension (literally) to custom cloth accessories.

But wait, there's more...continuing to show his commitment to 'giving back' to the customs community, he's posted a brief tutorial on how to make one for yourself. So why not head on over to Brandon's Flickr stream and check it out. Just hit up your local craft store before you do.

We Can Rebuild Him, We Have the Technology

Nick Jensen (Nick Brick) is showing he is no slouch in CAD. I've always felt that the TLG cyborg arm was a little too 'heavily armored'. This pared down variant by Nick is quite refreshing and inventive. I'm also interested to see what you could do with that hole in the shoulder.

Nick states he has plans to have this made through C Ideas, a 3D printing and manufacturing company in his area. I can't wait to see the finished product!

I recommend browsing through Nick's Flickr stream. Not only does he have other CAD designs, he has several amazing Halo firearms built entirely from LEGO!

Just in Time for Valentine's Day

BrickTW has put together this lovely gift pack just in time for Valentines Day. The package includes two 'chocolate brown' minifigures bedecked in BrickTW customs, a brick-built hart and a nice mug for tea or coffee (mmm...coffee). I especially like how the mug shows a woman chasing around Zhu Bajie (my how the tables have turned)*.

This retails for $89 USD and can be purchased at BrickTW's BrickLink store.

*Forgive me there was a clearance sale at the parenthesis store...

Now Where's That Copy of The Zombie Survival Guide?

Following hot on the heels of their WWII customs, miniBIGS has also released this amazing zombie figure. 'Shannon' is one of the most terrifying LEGO zombie I've seen in some time, but somehow still fits the LEGO asthetic.

Shannon is not alone, she also has 'Al' and 'Myron' to keep here company while on the search for..."bra-a-ains".

The full custom minifigure you see here retails for $16 USD. MiniBIGS also has a zombie kit for $6 USD that just includes a gray pair of hands and the head.

You can see all the zombie action at miniBIGS today.


Alex Eylar Recreates 10 Oscar Nominees

Via Gawker's Defamer column we see a mix of new and previous creations from Alex Eylar representing the 10 best picture Oscar nominees.

To the best of my knowledge some of these are brand new pics not even featured on his Flickr stream.

You can see the remaining nine nominees on Gawker's Defamer.

Stormtrooper RIP by Shobrick

Sometimes you need to post the pic and walk away. Amazing photo by Shobrick showing Stormtroopers mourning a fallen comrade. Simply one of the best toy photography shots I've seen.

You can see more on Shobrick's Flickr stream.

Brickset Brings News from London Toy Fair

Huw has braved the cold to bring us back news from behind the curtain of the LEGO booth at the London Toy Fair. Now there's a photo lockdown at this event, so he doesn't have any pics, but gives great descriptions of what he saw.

New minifig news for Ninjago, Alien Conquest (autopsy and abduction themes?!), Kingdoms, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, and Star Wars.

I don't want to steal too much of his thunder, so head on over to Brickset to read the full article.

Bummed by the lack of pics? Don't worry the Nuremberg Speilwarenmesse is in a couple of weeks and they are more lenient regarding pics.

Custom Crazy Has New Gear

Thanks to a heads up from Apples and confirmed by Custom Crazy, CC now has the modular medieval weapons for sale!

They have six weapon heads and four handles all ready for your enjoyment in addition to their Ninja themed accessories. That's a matrix of 24 potential new weapons for your castle armies. Parts are available in pearl dark gray and flat silver, but you'll have to wait a little longer for the black speckled items shown above.

You can check all of this out at the Custom Crazy website.

Do Not Adjust Your Computer Screens...

Another great find from the past month or so has been The Knight (KJ). Not only is he prolific, coming out with new custom designs every few days, he is bold and inventive with his use of color.

Case in point...we've all see the Hazel Tam Deep Eyes accessories many times before. KJ's paints take it in a whole new direction and really make it feel refreshing. Based on the designs of samurai armor, these colors pop off the screen without overloading the senses.

There's lots  more to see on The Knight's Flickr stream, so much in fact I don't always get to post them all..but I do 'favorite' them daily. With 20 or more new creations added to My Flickr Favorites daily, you'll always have a reason to come back. Just visit the page (there's a tab at the top) click play on the viewer and enjoy!

Do you like the Deep Eyes armor and headgear? You pick some up from United Armory (US/Canada) today! 

Amazing Decal Designs from ObliviumJr

To my friends who reside on Brickshelf, my apologies. I was never able to find a good way to navigate that interface to find new custom designs and creations. Thankfully, I have others who point out the real gems along the way.

The decals above are for Assassin's Creed and where designed by Brickshelf member ObliviumJr. Just enough detail to feel LEGOy (LEGOish?), but overdone. This is some of the best decal design work I've seen!

This isn't a one shot deal. ObliviumJr has tons of great designs across a variety of genres, all of which can be seen on his Brickshelf account. My only request is that ObliviumJr open a Flickr account in the near future so I  can better keep tabs (sorry Brickshelf)...

War Elephant by Siercon and Coral

Quickly becoming one of my favorite finds of the month, Siercon and Coral have designed these LOTR War Elephants for your Middle Earth minifig armies to ride or fight. These are quite original and I've not seen their like before (although I'll have to admit I've only been haunting the Classic Castle groups recently).

If you think that's impressive, you should see the entire herd of War Elephants they've created!

Siercon and Coral have been posting a fair amount of work as of late. So head on over to their Flickr stream and check it out.


Character Building's Dr. Who Micro-Figures

Last week it was announced that newcomer Character Building had entered into an agreement with the BBC to product a series of 'micro-figures' based on the Doctor Who series. Now that the London Toy Fair has arrived, there are a lot more details.

First off, it appears that the figures are LEGO compatable. At a minimum this means you may have some sonic screwdrivers for your minifigs, and/or it might mean you'll also be able interchange other parts between lines.

It seems that Character Building is taking a page from the Collectible Minifig Series playbook and offering two blind bag series around Easter and in the Fall 2011. The blind packs will retail for 1.99 GBP and have 10 figures in each series.

There will also be three types of battle packs available - Daleks, Cybermen, and Weeping Angels. Each battle pack will have five of a given villian.

In addition to regular playset packs, there are also plans for a '11 Doctors' micro-figure set, featuring each of the 11 iterations of our favorite Time Lord.

Intrigued? You can see a lot more at Doctor Who Toys.

LEGO ThunderCats on the Horizon?!

I've been monitoring news from the London Toy Fair 2011 for any interesting LEGO related announcements. The big news is that ThunderCats is returning to the airwaves this year with a new anime styled show to appear on Cartoon Network in the US. The show is a Warner Brothers production in conjunction with Studio 4C ('The Animatrix' and 'Gotham Knights').

Bandai showcased the new line of toys from the series, but given that Warner is involved could the show's success spawn a possible LEGO line down the road?

Gross speculation (read: desperately hoping) at this point. If anything the show could spawn ideas for customizers...

You can read more about this at MTV.com.

LEGO Ninjago Minifigures - Zane (Non DX)

Zane  is currently only in two Ninjago sets including Zane Spinner Set (2113) and Spinjitzu Dojo (2504).

The 'DX' version of Zane will be covered separately.

Minifigure Parts and Accessories
Zane is composed of four parts, a white head wrap, head, white torso with a brown rope and gold medallion print, and white legs with a grey belt pattern.

The head wrap is a white variant of part x54 which was last seen in this color in the Vintage Minifigure Collection Vol. 5 (852769). There is a clip on the back of the wrap to hold weapons or other items.

The head is a new pattern with a stern look.

The entire torso assembly is white and features a new torso print. Zane's design is similar to the original ninja torsos but features a gold medallion with ropes 'holding it on'.

The legs have print on them which is nice. It is a simple grey tied on rope belt.Cole is composed of four parts, a head wrap, head, torso with a brown rope and gold medallion print, and black legs with a belt pattern.

Army Building Potential
The ABP for this figure is moderate to high. Ninjas need very little customization to fit into any Japanese clan. With the new torso print it could also easily be a leader or some other different type of rank ninja.

The Big Draw
It's a ninja! There really aren't really any new parts here with this specific one but ninjas are always sought after and a new one is always ready to join the party.

Cold and brilliant Ninja of Ice, Zane has remarkable endurance as well as resistance to cold. Although he is a valued member of the team, his lack of a sense of humor and strange manner sometimes makes the other ninja unsure of him. But in a fight, he is as brave as they come and has saved the day more than once.

Card Details
Zane – Ninja of Ice
"Are you ready for me to crush you like an avalanche?"

Spinjitzu Power:
Fire SP: 0
Lightning SP: 300
Earth SP: 300
Ice SP: 400

Pictures via ToyWiz and BrickLink
Written by Leper