Toy Break Internet Show

I'm certain I've mentioned Toy Break in the past (likely when Gary McIntire was a guest on their show). I just finished watching their most recent episode at their website where they talked several LEGO related topics. I'm assuming that many of you have interests in toy land beyond the fig, so I thought you might enjoy. 

There's even a part where a few minifig customizers sent in a Christmas present to the show (about 10 minutes in). I will have to see if I can find these guys as their names were not familiar to me. I really liked MonsterForge's stuff.

In the most recent episode they asked the question, "Is there a group who does minifig customization out there?" I dropped them a line to let them know, "Yes, Virginia, there is a LEGO minifig customization community." Ayleen seemed to be more aware of the community than George...

Check out the Toy Break website when you get a chance. In addition to their weekly internet show they have forums and other fun. I'll be haunting the forums in the future and will report back on any LEGO related goodness.

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