Series 3 Guides Updated...Sort Of

As I'm certain everyone can attest to this time of year, I haven't been able to steal away time to continue the Series 3 'upgrade' photos this week. I have, however, back filled and added the rendered images from the updated LEGO.com microsite. I have also gone back and cleaned up some of the statements around color, parts, and other questions now that I have the pieces themselves.

I plan on finishing the upgrade and adding the bios in the near future.

Also, now that we have nice, hi-res images of the 2011 Star Wars minifigures, I'll likely update current entries and start to revisit these soon too.

I should have some help with guide entries coming. With quality photos of Series 4 already here, and more from Pirates of the Caribbean around the corner, I'll need it.

Hey, Cygnetron! Redirect power to the blogging engines. We need to put this puppy in overdrive...

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