Quick Hits: Holiday Traveling

Doing a bit of traveling to visit relatives this weekend, but there are a few items to report.

Remember those great film vignettes that Alex Eylar was putting together? Well I guess at least one of them was used for a story on The New York Times website. Very nice! Not only that, he's selling many of those creations as prints via Imagekind. Check it out when you get a chance.

Huw scores again with news of individual Series 4 Collectible Minifigure pics. These are via Brandora, a website that's offered up similar pics of earlier series. Although rendered, it gives you a closer look at each figure to see what they have to offer. I'll definitely be using these once we start our Series 4 guide entries in the near future. Thanks Brickset!

Hopefully our combatants aren't finding this month's Minifig Design Battle brief too difficult - The Sinister Toymaker. If you have any questions, just drop us a line (uglyduck.bricklink@gmail.com) or post a question on the group page. 

Also don't forget that you can get 10% any order at FireStar Toys, now through the end of January 2011. Just click the banner at the top of the page and enter coupon/voucher code 'KV882256' at check-out. It might be a good way to get supplies for the challenge.

That's all for now, citizens. Have a great weekend.

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