Possible Series 3 Restocks at TRU

I just returned from a run to my local Toys R Us to see, if by chance, the 2011 Star Wars sets might be in (answer: they're not). However, they did have plenty of Series 3 Collectible Minifigures on the shelf and hanging up individually for $3.99 USD. I saw at least enough out for a case or two and even witnessed an unopened case.

You might be thinking $4 is a lot to pay, even for Elves or Samurai, but wait...there's more. TRU is offering 25% off any LEGO purchases today (12/14) and tomorrow if you have this coupon. That will bring you back to the $3 range (so now we're talking).

If your Toys R Us ran out of their initial salvos, you may want to drop by again and see if they've reloaded. You can also pick up an 'exclusive minifigure' with LEGO purchases over $30 USD.

You can find out where Series 3 has been recently via our Google Map and you can scan the bumps along the bottom to find the fig you want (although I found it easier said than done).

Happy hunting!

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