New LEGO Star Wars and NinjaGo Adverts

A Modular Life shares several adverts from Toys R Us Hong Kong featuring new 2011 LEGO sets. You can see all of the ads on their site, but I've selected two I really enjoyed.

The first is a LEGO Star Wars ad featuring the T6 Jedi Shuttle and Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship. Nice animation featuring the great minifigures that come with each set. I dare you not to say, 'Pew, pew,' while watching it.

The second ad is for NinjaGo, which is seems I've been mispronouncing the name this entire time. I thought it was pronounced like 'Ninja Go', and instead it must be 'Nin-jog-o'. Listen to the ad and you will see. I picked the ad featuring Cole, because who doesn't like a Ninja in classic black. Enjoy!

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