LEGO Series 4 Collectible Minifigure Line-Up

Let's see how long it takes for TLG to ask me to take it down (although there are no confidentiality markers on this anywhere)...

Big thanks to Jamie for directing my attention to this. Originally found on the FBTB forums.

UPDATE: Although not contacted directly, I did overhear that the original source material has been taken down, suggesting TLG is not happy. Instead of upsetting the ABS overlords further, I'm taking down the pic until I hear otherwise.

UPDATE (AGAIN): Given that many fan sites have kept the images up, and there is often safety in numbers, I'm reposting the pic above. I'm also including the non-renedered pics of the actual figs!


  1. The HazMat fig is pure win.

    Actually, they're all win. Though repeating a skateboarder, surfer and angler so soon is a tiny bit disappointing.

    I'm really digging the werewolf, Frankenstein's monster, and the mad scientist.

  2. Omg!! I love the werewolf and the frankenstein!! I also love the gnome!! The ice skater looks cool and so does the rockstar!!

  3. that radioactive suit.... that musketeer
    I need this

  4. That angler looks more like a gnome with that hat, and even has short legs.

    Love the figs.


  5. All of these look so great. Can't wait for the release of them.

  6. D'oh, better safe than sorry. ;)

  7. its ok I already saved a copy XD

  8. Whoa! Those are some nice new parts!