Inspiration: Sucker Punch

I do not apologize in advance if several of the design briefs from our upcoming Minifigure Design Battles are inspired by the upcoming movie 'Sucker Punch'. Granted some trailers end up being better than the films themselves, but man, the trailer alone could send you in several directions all by itself.

So if the winter 'blahs' are turning into inspirational 'blocks', check out the trailers on iTunes and blow those barriers away.

And, yes, that is a 30-foot samurai fighting a woman in a school girl's uniform while wielding a chain gun. I do not apologize...

P.S. The first design brief for the UD Minifig Design Battles debuts tomorrow morning (my morning, 9am EST, so don't stay up until midnight in your neck of the woods to find out what it is). But don't worry you'll have a whole month to design your entry.

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