Help Wanted

As I look to 2011 and where I want to take the blog, it's becoming apparent that I will need minions...I mean 'helpers' to make these goals a reality.

I would ideally like to take the minifigure guides beyond the licensed themes and Collectible Series, but even just focusing on these areas can tax a single person. Although I would need help with the guides at first, those who show an interest and aptitude could also be brought in for reporting news, product reviews, and the like. There may be a new monthly feature coming soon (very soon) where I might need some assistance moderating.

If you think you might be interested, please send me an e-mail at uglyduck.bricklink@gmail.com. In your message, please let me know why you would make a good contributor and include a sample/example guide entry from any upcoming LEGO series (Pharaoh's Quest, Ninjago, 2011 Star Wars, etc.) I will review submissions and announce any new 'scribes' at the beginning of the year.

As always, we welcome any news or tips on things you've found around the interwebs or in your neck of the woods. It continues to be our goal to be the best site for news and information on LEGO minifigures around the world.

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