Do We Have our First Look at Series 5 Collectible Figs?

FBTB.net has shared their invite to a US Toy Fair meet and greet come February. The invite features several minifigures from upcoming 2011 sets. Chances are you can place all but two of those minifigures. 

So who are the female spacer in blue and the alien with the broad head? I'm guessing these are two Series 5 Collectible Minfigures based on a couple of facts. First, LEGO announced earlier this year that had up through Series 5 already designed. Second, I would find it hard to believe that 2011 would have room for a third space set theme, with the LEGO City Space sets and Star Wars still in play. I guess only time will tell...

(Via FBTB.net)


  1. Is Space Police canceled?

  2. Darren, i heard that yes, it is cancelled.

    Anyway, i really want that wide faced alien dude whether he's a collectable or just in a set!!

  3. There has been a rumor on eurobricks that there would be a new space theme focused on an alien invasion of earth. The rumor specifically mentioned green aliens, I suspect that is what we are seeing. The blue helmet will be great for classic space builders. 2011 is a great lego year.