Commentary: LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 3

Earlier in the week I was fortunate enough to find the Series 3 figures at a local Toys R Us. Now having seen these figures in person, I have to say that I'm very impressed by the details the minifig designers were able to incorporate. Given that I have a full set of figures, I will be working of the next week or so to update the Series 3 guides to make them the best they can be. If you have questions about these items before hand, please just let me know and I will be happy to answer.

Here is just a sampling of the various details I've discovered so far: 
  •  The Mummy and Gorilla Suit Guy both have back print on the torsos, a first time feature for the Collectible Figs.
  • Although the pics of the Fisherman seem to suggest his coveralls are orange, they are actually more yellow in color.
  • The sword for the Samurai is not actually longer than the typical swords of a similar type, but the hilt is octagonal (different from the PoP sword I had for comparison).
  • The hats for both the Rapper and Baseball Player are new molds and very nice.
  • The symbol on the Rapper's hat is a black minifig head with gold eyes. He also has gold teeth and a dollar sign medallion.
  • The Elf is fantastic and will likely be the Spartan of this series. The bow is a new curved 'longbow' design and the 'ears' are molded into the hair piece and printed yellow. Here's hoping this is an indication of a future fantasy adventure line!
  • There's no print on the Cyborg's gun as I previously believed. He is sporting the 'B' on his armor of the Blacktron II insignia.
  • The hairpiece of the Sumo Wrestler is worth the fig itself. The hair piece would pair nicely with the Samurai when his helmet isn't on.
  • There is a pink flower printed on the Hula Dancer's hair piece.
  • There may be a few 'Easter Eggs' on the Race Car Driver. The drivers name, printed on the bottom  of his shirt, also appears to be the name on the Series 2 Traffic Cop's ticket. The 'brand' Stafford Motors is also on the jacket and may be a nod to the LEGO designer Mark Stafford.
I'm likely forgetting a few other details, but I hope to detail all the facts over the next week.
Remember you can track the roll-out on our collaborative Google map, you can call TRU (800-869-7787) to see if item #577997 is in stock in your area, and I've just seen via Toys N Bricks that they are available online at ToysRUs.com!

Good Luck!

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  1. Yeah that stupid flower on the hula girl really ticked me off, cuz I wasn't in the mood to remove it, especially when it's main use went towards Laguna. Also the first time they release that hair in black and they put printing on it?


  2. My thoughts...

    -- Blacktron: Besides wishing it was just a regular non-cyborg fig, I think the mix of colors is just weird. Both the visor and B symbol should either be yellow (BI)or green (BII), not a mix of both. Stop teasing us LEGO, just make a full BIII line already! ;)

    -- Elf: He is indeed spectacular, LEGO did an excellent job with it; a female elf in a future series would be awesome. Although I'd love to think he's indicative of a future Castle line, the little sketch of an elf on the Castle map that'd popped up a couple years ago makes me think they WERE going to do one and then scrapped it, opting for just the collectible figure instead.

    -- Gorilla: Although I was least excited about him, he's actually a pretty cute figure in person. I think having the fig's eyes show through the mask actually make a big difference.

    -- Hula Dancer: I remember reading that one of the early fig-finders was disappointed in her because the skirt didn't wrap all the way around her legs. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it does: you just need to make sure you're "wrapping" it correctly.

    -- I'm most disappointed in the blah-ness of the sumo and racecar driver.