A Call for Customization Tutorials

We all have our own vision for what a good LEGO fan site does for the broader community. I for one, think the difference between good sites and great sites are in their ability to help people grow and learn. It is because of this we try to offer as much as we can on customization, photography, and presentation tutorials.

I hope that a few people have had a chance to peruse our page of collected tutorials and find an article or two that has been helpful.

We are always looking for new tutorials to add to this collection. If you know of a tutorial you've found to be helpful, please let us know. If you are looking for a way to post your own tutorial, we may even be able to help with that. Here's hoping we can help folks reach their full potential when it comes to their endeavors with the fig.

As always, please read our tutorials disclaimer before attempting any of the suggestions or techniques described on or link to by this site.

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