Cake and Neave - The Little Artists

Malifios'...I mean...Dali's Lobster Phone
 John Cake and Darren Neave are two artists who have been taking several works of popular contemporary art and transforming them into LEGO-fied versions. These LEGO sculptures are then enlarged via photography. I'm certain I'm not doing their work justice in its description, so I thought I would include an excerpt from their website:

'The sculptural pieces transpose key works, by the likes of Hirst, Beuys and Koons, to the microcosmic scale of the Lego world, forming miniature, fetishistic relics that subvert the grand gestures of these artists. Their large photographs take these works and artists and re-present them as tableaux vivants, confronting the viewer with the once tiny Lego world on a unsettling human scale.

The central theme to their work is an attempt to understand the significance of contemporary art and the consumerist culture in which it is produced. They have always seen a poignancy in Lego as a medium to explore this relationship, and especially the idea of the artist as a brand-name.'

See? Just like I described it. Personally I just find it 'neat'. You can see more of Cake and Neave's work on their website.

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