Alex Eylar's Jack-in-the-Box

Are you still wracking your brain on how to fulfill this month's UD Minifigure Design Battle challenge, The Sinister Toymaker? Although the toymaker should be the focus of the creation, I thought I might offer up some potential examples of his or her dastardly creations...

Case in point, Alex Eylar created a series of Jack-in-the-Boxes last year after marathon stints of playing LEGO Batman. This jester version happened to be my favorite. Is it a toy? Check. Is it sinister? Check. Should something like this be the focus of your contest entry? Nope, but hopefully it might give you inspiration to help you along.

Other 'creation' ideas include water guns filled with acid, R/C cars loaded with bombs, and teddy bears with knives for claws. You get the idea...

Still plenty of time to design and present your creation. This design brief challenge ends at 12:01 EST January 16th, 2011. You can see the design brief for this round, sponsored by FireStar Toys, on the Flickr group page.

(Picture via Alex Eylar's Flickr stream)

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