Where Fabuland Meets Mad Max

If you've read our interview with Morgan, you'll know that he claimed to have "ridiculously fond memories" of the Battle Beasts series of toys from the 1980's. Well it would seem he's found a way to bring his customization skills to bear on these pint-size, anthropomorphic beasts of battle (Fun Fact: Battle Beasts were originally called 'BeastFormers' and created by Takara of Japan, the same company who developed TransFormers). 

The Series 3 Gorilla Guy makes me think that the Fabuland line may be making a return. Let's hope this time they come with gatling guns.


  1. They're not Fabuland... And that's all I'm saying for now. ;)

  2. Well, I knew that...but you have to admit they are definitely reminiscent of said theme.

  3. These are definitely my favourite Morgan19 figs to date.

    The heads are so cool (and very cleverly adapted from the original use ;-))